Paying through the bank just got easier

April 1, 2024

Paying through the bank is fast and easy. Skip the cheque, envelope, stamp, and mailing. Take the direct route – customers can add the Agricorp payee to their bank accounts today.

For customers paying through the bank, Agricorp now has one payee* for all business risk management programs.

The new payee name is Agricorp. Customers who use online or telephone banking need to pay this payee for all AgriStability, Risk Management Program, and Production Insurance invoices. Full details are on invoices.

This update makes payments:

  • Hassle-free – customers no longer have to manage different payees for different programs
  • Simpler – just use the Agricorp payee (except for Farm Business Registration invoices). Agricorp takes care of the rest

This change is another way Agricorp is working to make it easier to do business.

What customers need to do

Customers need to add Agricorp in their bank’s Pay Bill section, if they or their bank haven’t already done so. Agricorp’s old payees no longer exist.

*For Farm Business Registration, continue to direct online banking payments to the Agricorp – FBR payee.