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Carrots (processing)

Report info


Report acreage

You must report your planted acreage within 10 days of planting or by the deadline, whichever comes first. You can report your acreage using one of these options:

  • By phone 1-888-247-4999
  • By fax 1-519-826-4118
  • By email to
  • By mail to:
    Box 3660, Station Central
    Guelph, ON
    N1H 8M4

Report damage

You must report crop damage to Agricorp as soon as it occurs by calling1-888-247-4999.

A damage report will be filed and a notice forwarded to your assigned adjuster. The adjuster may contact you to schedule a farm visit to inspect the damagecrop(s).

Do not abandon, destroy, reseed, replant, harvest or use damaged acreage for another purpose without Agricorp's consent. You must take all reasonable steps to prevent further damage to the crop and other insured crops until Agricorp indicates otherwise.

Report yields

An Agricorp adjuster will visit your farm after harvest to collect your actual yield information and/or measure your stored crop harvested from the field. We may also request information on your sales to verify your yield.

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