Production Insurance

Report info


​​Update tree i​nventory

Each year, Agricorp asks that customers inform us of changes to their orchards. Having complete and accurate details reduces follow-up and ensures that you pay only for the coverage you need and that you receive the correct compensation in the event of a loss.

To make this process easier for you, we have included a new pre-filled Inventory Report for Trees in your renewal package. Please review your inventory form and update it with any new plantings or tree removals. If any information is missing from your inventory report, an adjuster will contact you.

Report da​​mage

You must report crop damage to Agricorp as soon as it occurs by calling 1-888-247-4999.

A damage report will be filed and a notice forwarded to your assigned adjuster. The adjuster may contact you to schedule a farm visit to inspect the damaged crop(s).

Repo​​rt yields

If you have reported crop damage, your yields will be collected at harvest time to determine if your production is below your guarantee. 

If you have not reported crop damage, an Agricorp adjuster will visit your farm before May 1 each year to calculate your final average yield. Agricorp will prepare and deliver a crop underwriting report for you to sign and return to us by May 1.​

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