Production Insurance
Spring wheat

Make a claim

Report crop damage to Agricorp as soon as it occurs. If you suspect any of your pedigreed seed spring wheat production is below germination standards, please provide Agricorp with a germination test result from a certified lab as soon as possible.

We may contact you to schedule an inspection or to complete any required forms.

Note: To qualify for a claim, you must get Agricorp's consent before you replant, abandon, destroy, or change the use of any insured crop.

​​Landlord/sharecropper ​arrangements

  • All of the yield must be reported before a claim is paid. If both parties are insured, the sharecropper may report yield on behalf of the landlord; however, both parties may be required to sign any required forms.
  • Claim payments made under replant coverage are paid to sharecroppers only, as they carry the expense of planting the crop.
  • Claim payments made under unseeded acreage coverage are paid to landlords only.

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