Production Insurance


​​​2024 Premium rates

Coverage type
Premium rates by coverage level
70% 75% 80%
Fixed claim price$25.36

2024 Claim prices

Coverage type
Maximum replant claim price
Unseeded acreage claim price
Claim price
Fixed claim price$83

About premiums

Premium rates are cost-shared with government.

  • 60% of premiums is paid by federal and provincial governments, plus administrative costs.
  • 40% of premiums is paid by customers.

The rates Agricorp publishes represent the customer portion of the premium. Premium rates are set annually and are based on commodity prices and past claims.

Your premium = premium rate × number of acres

If you have been enrolled in the program for more than one year, your premium rate may be discounted or surcharged based on your claim history for the commodity.

More information

  • For your own premium rates, including any discount or surcharge you may have, see your Renewal Notice.
  • For information about how your discount or surcharge is calculated, see Discounts and Surcharges.

Fixed claim price

The fixed claim price is based on birdseed numbers for sunflower seeds in Ontario.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada