Risk Management Program


​​To be eligible you must:​

  • Produce at least one eligible cattle category in Ontario
  • Be able to demonstrate ownership
  • Enrol all your eligible production within a cattle category
  • Pay premium 
  • Have a premises identification number​

To remain eligible for RMP, pay your premium and submit your livestock sales reports by the pr​​ogram deadlines. Even if you had no sales during a reporting period, you must contact Agricorp and report zero sales. Failure to pay your premium or submit a sales report may result in the cancellation of your coverage.​

Eligible​​​​ cattle

All cattle that meet all of the following requirements are eligible.

  • Must be sold during the program year
  • Must be produced in Ontario and owned by you for a minimum of 120 consecutive days (this 120-day period can span multiple categories)
  • Must be 30 months of age or less
  • Cannot be used for breeding purposes (restriction for the backgrounder and feedlot categories only)
  • Cannot be enrolled and have sales reported under the RMP plan for veal

Cattle may be enrolled in any of the following three production categories:​

Cattle category Live weights
Steer production Heifer production
Cow-calfUp to 550 lb.Up to 500 lb.
BackgrounderOver 550 – 900 lb.Over 500 – 850 lb.
Feedlot Over 900 – 1,500 lb.Over 850 – 1,400 lb.

​Cattle that fall outside of these weight ranges may still be enrolled; however, payments are based only on the maximum weights listed above. For cow-calf and backgrounder categories, any additional weight gain beyond the maximum will be covered in the next weight category, if you're enrolled.

For the cow-calf category:

  • Calves must weigh more than 350 pounds at time of sale to be eligible for payment
  • Calves must be raised from birth to be eligible for payment under the cow-calf category
  • Calves may be retained for future breeding purposes and still be eligible for payment under the cow-calf category only​

Estimating your insured production

Use the weight ranges shown in the table above when estimating your insured production.


A cattle producer is enrolled in all three categories and plans to sell:

  • 60 steer calves at 550 lb.
  • 20 steers at approximately 1800 lb. ​(raised from birth).  

Cow-calf insu​​red production

60 steer calves + 20 steers
= 80 head

Backgrounder insured production

20 steers x eligible weight gain in the backgrounder category (900 lb. – 550 lb. = 350 lb.)
= 7,000 lb.

Feedlot insured production

20 steers x eligible weight gain in the feedlot category (1500 lb. – 900lb. = 600 lb.)
= 12,000 lb.

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