How programs compensate for fusarium losses

​​ ​Wheat harvest is underway in Ontario, and some growers are experiencing reductions in yield and quality due to high levels of fusarium, a plant disease that thrives in humid weather conditions. Growers who participate in Agricorp’s programs have options to help compensate for such losses.

Production Ins​​urance

Production Insurance compensates affected growers by applying a quality factor to low-grade wheat yields to reflect the lower value of these crops. For a full explanation of the quality factor, please review this  example.

Although the full extent of fusarium damage can’t be determined until harvest, Production Insurance customers who see signs of fusarium need to call Agricorp immediately to file a damage report.


AgriStability protects against large declines in farm income. Producers are protected if their net farm income falls below 70 per cent of their recent average. Payments are made after the producer’s fiscal year ends and forms are submitted. Customers who are experiencing financial pressure can contact Agricorp to apply for an interim payment.

Together with the industry, commodity groups a​nd the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF), Agricorp will continue to monitor crop and market conditions through harvest. Tips for harvesting and handling fusarium infected wheat can be found on OMAF’s website.

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