A look back at 2017

​​​​​2017 was an unpredictable year for many producers across Ontario.

in planting

The year started with a difficult planting season for much of the province. Cool, wet and windy weather conditions caused planting delays and damage to crops in the ground. Production Insurance supported producers by paying $14 million for unseeded acreage claims and $10.6 million for reseeding claims, for a total of nearly $25 million in planting payments.


in AgriStability

Agricorp is currently processing Production Insurance claim payments for 2017 yield losses. So far this year, we also paid AgriStability customers over $47 million for 2016 losses, with more payments to come. Over half of those payments went to livestock producers due to volatile prices.


Soybeans 44
Corn 186

As the year continued, the weather seemed to rebound partway through the growing season, a good sign for many producers. Warmer and dryer weather made its way to some areas of the province in September, which led to slightly above average corn yields and average soybean yields for the year.

Corn producers planted over 1.5 million acres in 2017 and reported an average yield of 186 bushels per acre. Soybean producers planted over 2 million acres in 2017 and reported an average yield of 44 bushels per acre.

Visit in the new year to see corn and soybean yield maps by county.


of program reports made online

Customers asked for easier ways to do business with us. This year, more producers than ever made the shift to doing business with us online and took advantage of direct deposit. Almost half of the livestock sales reports, grain and oilseed acreage reports, and AgriStability claim reports were submitted online this year. Around the clock reporting allowed these customers to take care of business when they wanted, where they wanted.


paid by
direct deposit

Thirty-six per cent of payments were made by direct deposit this year. It only took these customers minutes to sign up and start getting their payments faster and easier.



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