Interim payment applications available for AgriStability

​​​Ontario producers who are enrolled in AgriStability and have completed six months of their fiscal year can now apply for an interim payment. Interim payments provide 50 per cent of a producer's estimated final payment.

Producers whose projected income has declined by more than 30 per cent of their average should contact Agricorp if they wish to apply for an interim payment. AgriStability specialists are ready to work through the application process with them. Producers can call Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999 or complete an interim payment application.

In addition, AgriStability participants who are experiencing financial pressure can call Agricorp to ask to have their 2017 Year-end Report and Claim Form placed in priority sequence.

Get paym​ents up to seven days faster

Producers have enough to do without the hassles of cheques. They can get cash in their account five to seven days faster with direct deposit. Direct deposit is convenient, reliable and secure.

To sign up, producers can call Agricorp or go to All producers need is a void cheque and a few minutes of their time to make things a little easier.

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