3 Reasons to submit AgriStability claim forms today

Producers have until June 30 to submit their 2017 AgriStability claim form, but there are some good reasons to complete the form now.

  1. Get claims assessed sooner. Producers are encouraged to complete their AgriStability form now, so Agricorp can assess their claim sooner. Agricorp typically receives two-thirds of AgriStability claim forms near the end of June, so submitting the form now puts producers ahead of the crowd. Producers can also get payments five to seven days faster by signing up for direct deposit.
  2. Allow time to collect information. By starting the claim form now, producers give themselves more time to gather the information they need and ensure their file is up to date, so they get the service they need, when they need it. Producers with questions should also note that Agricorp's call centre expects an influx of calls at the end of June. Avoid the wait by speaking with an AgriStability specialist today.
  3. Stay ahead of record keeping. In recent years, Agricorp simplified the claim form and made it much shorter. This makes it easier for producers to keep their business information up to date on an annual basis. Producers can access the Year-end Report and Claim form in the AgriStability forms section of

Why AgriSt​​ability?

AgriStability is an affordable way to cover large declines in income caused by adverse market conditions, production losses or increased production costs. Producers secure coverage for a low fee of $315 for every $100,000 of their reference margin.

Things like flooding, increased input costs, and extreme drops in market demand and prices can have a negative effect on a farm. If a producer's net income falls below 70 per cent of their reference margin, AgriStability helps to offset the difference.

Most importantly, AgriStability provides peace of mind when it's needed most. See how AgriStability responds to decreased market prices that affected the cattle and hog sector and to increased costs that affected the greenhouse sector. ​​

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