Program options for vegetable growers

​​​​For vegetable producers across Ontario, now is the time to plan for the year ahead. Producers are starting to make big decisions about how they will protect their farm business against risks beyond their control.

The federal and provincial governments provide a comprehensive suite of business risk management programs to help mitigate these risks. Producers can maximize their coverage by enrolling in these programs. Different programs cover different risks. What risks does your farm business face?

Low yields and cr​op losses?

Producers who face the risk of low yields or crop losses caused by adverse weather, wildlife, insect infestation and disease can enrol in Production Insurance.

Production Insurance plans are available for more than 100 commodities. For most plans, producers receive a payment when an insured peril causes their yield to fall below their guaranteed production.

Fresh market vegetable producers can insure their crops in either yield-based plans or acreage-loss plans:

  • For yield-based coverage, producers receive a payment when an insured peril causes their yield to fall below their guaranteed production on all acres.
  • For acreage-loss coverage, producers receive a payment when an insured peril causes severe yield reductions on an acre-by-acre basis.

Unexpected, large declines in inco​​me?

Producers who face large margin declines caused by adverse market conditions, production losses or increased production costs can enrol in AgriStability.

AgriStability covers a producer's farm as a whole, rather than one commodity at a time. If a producer's margin falls below 70 per cent of their recent average, AgriStability helps to offset the difference. AgriStability gives producers peace of mind when they need it most.

General farm losses or expe​​nses?

Producers who face general farm losses or expenses can participate in SDRM: Edible H​orticulture.

The self-directed risk management (SDRM) plan for edible horticulture allows Ontario producers of edible horticulture to deposit a percentage of their allowable net sales into an SDRM account, and the provincial government contributes to the account. Producers may withdraw funds to cover reductions in income, investments in risk management tools, or other expenses or losses related to their farm business. 

Small declines in income​?

Producers who face small margin declines can enrol in AgriInvest.

AgriInvest allows producers to make investments to help mitigate their farm's risk. Producers can deposit up to 100 per cent of their allowable net sales into a bank account, and the government adds to their contribution. Producers can then withdraw funds at any time. AgriInvest is funded by federal and provincial governments and is delivered in Ontario by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

More inform​​​ation?

Producers who want to learn more about risk management options for their vegetables should read the Bus​iness Risk Management Programs for Fresh Market Vegetables – Feature Sheet or contact Agricorp. Here are some ways to reach us:

  • Call our offices
  • Email us
  • Visit our website
  • Visit us at your local farm group meetings or at farm shows