​​​​ In Ontario, AgriInve​​st is del​​​ivered by Agriculture and A​gri-Food Canada (AAFC).

AgriInvest is a savings accou​​nt with matching government contributions. You can withdraw funds at any time to alleviate risk or make other investments.

Each year, you can deposit up to 100% of your Allowable Net Sales, with the first 1% matched by governments. The limit on matching government contributions is $10,000 per year. ANS are the net sales of most primary agricultural commodities, except those covered by supply management (dairy, poultry and eggs). Production Insurance claims are considered allowable commodities.​

Funding p​​artn​​ers

Delivered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Cana​da, AgriInvest is part of the suite of programs under the ​Canadian Agricultural Partnership. It is cost-shared by the federal and provincial governments on a 60:40 basis.

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