More time for beekeepers to consider program options

​Updated: September 19, 2018

To give beekeepers more time to consider the value of the Production Insurance plan for bee mortality, they now have until September 30 to enrol. 

Programs like Production Insurance can be a vital lifeline when producers are faced with unpredictable losses. 

“We would highly recommend that all beekeepers use the bee mortality program to protect their business against winter losses,” said Andre and Kathy Soetemans, beekeepers in western Ontario.  “Just like any other insurance you buy it protects you against unforeseen losses. We wouldn't want to have to run our business without it.”

​​​​​​Risks beekeepers face

A look back at recent years shows that beekeepers face many risks beyond their control, such as weather conditions, disease, and pest infestations.

Production Insurance is here to help. When faced with unpredictable challenges, the bee mortality plan can provide a vital lifeline to beekeepers and their businesses and can provide peace of mind when it is needed most.

How to enrol

Beekeepers who are applying for the first time should contact Agricorp for help with the application process. Beekeepers can also submit an application form by September 30.

How to renew your coverage

Beekeepers who are already enrolled in the bee mortality plan received a Renewal Notice from Agricorp in August that outlines their coverage based on the previous year's coverage. If existing customers do not call Agricorp to change their coverage options, their coverage levels will automatically be renewed based on the details in their Renewal Notice

2019 Premium rates

Annual premium = customer premium rate × insured colonies

​​​ ​
Insurable value option​​s ($/colony)Customer premium rate by coverage levels

For more information, see the How it works page in the bee mortality section of​

It costs the equivalent of onecolony to insure: 18 colonies at 80% 35 colonies at 70% 79 colonies at 60%

Please note: To be eligible for the bee mortality plan, producers must have a minimum of 50 colonies that overwinter in Ontario.​​​​​

Other programs available to beekeepers

While the Production Insurance plan for bee mortality covers overwintered colony losses, the government offers many other programs that may also be helpful to beekeepers. Different programs cover different risks, giving producers comprehensive protection.

Production Insurance plan for honey: Covers yield reduction and crop loss.

AgriStability: Covers large margin declines.

AgriInvest: Covers small income declines.

SDRM: Edible Horticulture: Covers general losses and expenses.​

Enrolment deadlines​

ProgramEnrol byProgram year
Production Insurance for bee mortalitySeptember 30, 20182019
AgriInvestSeptember 30, 20182017
SDRM: Edible HorticultureFebruary 1, 20192018
AgriStabilityApril 30, 20192019
Production Insurance for honeyMay 1, 2019​2019