Farmers have more time to enrol in AgriStability

​​​​May 3, 2019

The government has extended the 2019 AgriStability enrolment date from April 30 to July 2. Farmers concerned about market conditions, production loss or increased costs now have an extra two months to secure coverage for their farms, without any additional fees or penalties.

AgriStability is designed to help manage risks such as severe market volatility and disasters – for a reasonable fee. If a farmer's income falls below 70 per cent of their reference margin, AgriStability helps offset the difference. Learn more about how fees and payments are calculated in the 2019 AgriStability information sheet.

Farmers hope they never have to use AgriStability, but when they need the program, they are glad it is there. Learn how AgriStability has helped farm businesses in times of need in An affordable way to protect your bottom line.

Recent changes to AgriStability have also made the program more responsive to severe income losses. Learn more about the changes in New in AgriStabili​ty for 2018.

Still have questions? Give Agricorp a call. AgriStability specialists are here to help. ​

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