​​​​​​AgriStability Program Guidelines

The AgriStability Program Guidelines are the main set of rules for the program. Where there is any conflict between the AgriStability Program Guidelines and the other materials listed below, the AgriStability Program Guidelines take precedence.

Information sheet

2022 Rates, Dates and Updates information sheet  

Top 10 Reporting Tips

Feature sheet – Reporting tips

Technical Information Circulars

The  Technical Information Circulars (TICs) provide direction on how to apply program rules within Ontario’s unique circumstances. OMAFRA​ provides new and updated TICs to Agricorp as required.

RC 4060

Ontario producers should use the RC4060​ Farming Income and the AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs Guide when they complete their T1163 (individuals) or Statement A (corporations, trusts and special individuals). This guide also includes the commodity and program payment codes that you should use on your T1163 or Statement A forms.

Fair Market Values (FMV)

Agricorp uses FMVs to value all crop and livestock inventory, provided they are reasonable for your operation.

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