Update account

​​​​​ Please tell us if you’ve made changes to your business structure. They might affect your fee and the way we process your payment.

For significant changes

If the farm has made significant changes to the production capacity or business structure, contact Agricorp before paying your fee. Provide full details about the change when you complete your form after your Ye​​​ar-end Report and Claim Form.

New shareholders

You can update your shareholder information on your Ye​​​ar-end Report and Claim Form, which you will receive each year.

Changes in partnership

If the farm has joined a partnership or new partners have joined an existing partnership, it might affect your fee and your payment calculation. Contact Agricorp before paying your fee. When you receive your Ye​​​ar-end Report and Claim Form​, make sure that all partners are shown correctly on page 2.

Taking over an estate

If you are taking over an estate, contact Agricorp. The executor may need to submit:

  • A written request to close the account signed by the executor or administrator
  • A certified copy of the probated will or letters of administration/probate
  • A certified copy of the death certificate

If you plan to farm all or most of the deceased participant’s farming operation, you may be able to keep the reference history (e.g. reference margin, historical information) on file. Please contact Agricorp and explain the circumstances.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada