Pay fee

​​​Pay your fee by the deadline when you receive your fee invoice. You have three options to pay your fee:

  • Send cheque payable to "Agricorp-AgriStability” with your invoice stub
  • Pay at your financial institution with your invoice
  • Pay using internet or telephone banking. Choose: Agricorp-AgriStability-Ontario

If you miss the fee deadline

You may still participate in AgriStability provided you pay your fee by December 31. A 20 per cent increase will be added to your fee.

If your farming operation has changed

Your fee is based on your production margins from previous years. If you have changed the structure of your farming operation, please contact us before paying your fee. Possible changes include:

  • Your farm is now part of a corporation
  • Your partnership has new partners
  • You have significantly changed your production capacity

We may issue a revised invoice with a new due date.

If you lose your invoice

If you lose your invoice, call us right away. We will send you a reprinted copy of your invoice. Your deadline will be the same as on your original invoice.

If you receive your invoice late

Some participants will receive their invoice after April 1. In this instance, you will have 30 days to either pay the fee or cancel your coverage. If we don’t hear from you by this due date, your coverage will be automatically confirmed and your fee will increase by 20 per cent.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada