Sign up/Renew

​​​​​For new participants

Send us your completed New Participant Form by April 30. For any of the past six years in which you reported farming income (or loss) to Canada Revenue Agency, attach your farm tax forms.

  • If you are an individual, attach your T2042 or T1163 for each year
  • If you are a corporation, trust or special individual attach your Statement A for each year

When we receive your New Participant Form and tax forms, we will send you a fee invoice. Once you have signed up for AgriStability, you will automatically receive a fee invoice each subsequent year. You don’t need to sign up again.

For existing participants

We automatically send you a new invoice each year. To renew your coverage, please pay your fee.

Although you may defer paying your fee until December 31 (with a 20 per cent increase), you must signal your intention to participate by April 30. You can do this by:

  • Paying your fee
  • Not cancelling your coverage by April 30

If we don’t hear otherwise by April 30, your coverage will be automatically renewed, and you will be expected to pay your fee and administrative cost share.

Once your coverage is renewed, your total fee amount (including 20 per cent increase) is due even if you fail to meet other eligibility requirements (such as submitting your application and tax forms or paying by December 31).

​To sign up a​​gain after cancelling

If you cancelled your coverage, but want to sign up again, you may sign up by contacting Agricorp. You will need to send us your production, inventory and tax information for the years that you didn’t participate in AgriStability.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada