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​​​​​Submitting Ye​​​ar-end Report and Claim Form and schedules

You have two options for submitting your Ye​​​ar-end Report and Claim Form and schedules to Agricorp:

For partnerships

Each partner must record 100 percent of the partnership’s production and inventory totals on their schedules.

Identify all partners, and their percentage of the partnership, on page 2 of your Ye​​​ar-end Report and Claim Form.

Submitting tax forms

For corporations, trusts, and special individuals

You have three options for submitting your tax forms to Agricorp:

For each additional farm, submit tax information to Agricorp using a Statement B.

For individuals

Submit your tax information directly to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using the T1163 tax form.

For each additional farm, submit tax information to CRA using a T1164.

For more than one farm

AgriStability takes a “whole farm” view of your operation. Information for all of your farms is used to calculate your payment. If you have more than one farm:

  • Submit your Ye​​​ar-end Report and Claim Form​, including schedules for each farm only once
  • Individuals submit a T1163 for the first farm, and T1164 for each additional farm
  • Corporations, trusts and special individuals submit information for each of their farm businesses using a Statement A.

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