What to know as the season progresses

August 7, 2019

Challenging weather this spring created difficult planting conditions and stress for farmers across the province. Agricorp understands the challenges farmers are facing and is here to help.

Agricorp extended planting deadlines for more than 20 crops, allowing farmers more time to plant and still qualify for Production Insurance. Despite the later start in less than ideal conditions, much of the crop has been planted and is off to a good start. Eligible farmers who could not plant because of the wet weather will receive payments for unseeded acres in the next month.

Agricorp recognizes that favourable growing conditions are now needed to maximize production, and farmers are now turning their attention to the growing season ahead. As the season progresses, farmers should keep in mind that Production Insurance is a yield-based program, so if their yield falls below their guarantee, the program can help.

As farmers monitor their crops over the coming months, they should contact Agricorp if they notice any new or additional damage, even if they have already filed a damage report this season. Agricorp is here to discuss crop damage that may have been caused by a new or different peril. If the damage results in crop loss, having a damage report on file helps Agricorp process a claim faster with less follow-up.

To report damage or get help with the claims process, customers can call Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999. The sooner customers call to report potential damage to their crops, the sooner Agricorp can discuss their options and get started on next steps.

Agricorp wants to thank customers for reporting their program information on time and for reporting any damage promptly, especially with everything else they do to run their business. 

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