2019 Soybean yields better than expected (map)

January 22, 2020

After a challenging start to the 2019 growing season, Ontario soybean farmers had better than anticipated average soybean yields at 45 bushels per acre. The 2019 average is just below the 10-year average yield of 47 bushels per acre.

Planting challenges in the spring delayed planting for much of the crop, led to a shorter than normal growing period and delayed harvest. Farmers and industry alike were concerned that the crop may not have enough time to mature; however, for most of the province, rain in August and a warm September helped the crop catch up.

To date, soybean customers have received $35 million in Production Insurance claims for yield shortfalls. 

The map below shows soybean yields across Ontario for 2019.

2019 Soybean yields
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