Record-breaking payments help farmers after wet spring

​October 3, 2019

Production Insurance was a vital lifeline for farmers across the province this past spring – with nearly $90 million in payments as of October 1 under the reseeding and unseeded acreage benefits.

Unseeded acreage benefit (USAB)

This year, claims for unseeded acres were the highest in the history of Production Insurance. USAB helps offset the financial burden when farmers can't plant because of excessive rainfall. It is designed to cover fixed costs and land maintenance and the cost to prepare land for planting acres that were unable to be planted. For more information, see the Unseeded Acreage and Reseeding Benefits feature sheet.

So far, 2,061 farmers have received over $59 million for unseeded acreage claims for 282,796 acres, with more still being processed.

Reseeding benefit

This year, we saw the largest reseed event in the history of the winter wheat plan. The reseeding benefit gives farmers options to optimize their yields. It helps cover the costs of replanting some or all of a crop that experiences damage, such as poor emergence or thin plant population.

The unfavourable conditions resulted in $29.8 million being paid for over 265,522 acres, the majority for winter wheat. Winter wheat harvest is now complete and yield shortfall claims are being processed.

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