More time to enrol in Production Insurance for asparagus, bee health and ginseng

​September 11, 2020

Farmers and beekeepers have more time to apply for 2021 Production Insurance coverage for ginseng, bee health and asparagus.

The new deadlines for each plan are:

  • Ginseng – September 15, 2020
  • Bee health – September 30, 2020
  • Asparagus – November 9, 2020

Extending the enrolment deadline gives farmers more time and flexibility to make business decisions and to assess their program coverage needs, especially in the current challenging times.

Coverage options for 2021 will not be affected, and extended deadlines will not cause gaps in coverage, ensuring farmers continue to have coverage in place.

Although the deadlines have changed, it is best to enrol earlier for farmers able to do so, allowing time for Agricorp to process applications and do any necessary follow-up.

Production Insurance is designed to cover production and quality losses caused by adverse weather, disease, wildlife and insect infestation. It is part of a suite of government programs that work together to create a broad risk management plan.

Contact Agricorp to enrol or make changes

Farmers can apply or make changes by contacting Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999 or by emailing . They can make changes by sending a fax to 519-826-4118.

Applications for the bee health plan can also be submitted online.

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