Add a layer of coverage with AgriStability

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June 30, 2020

In a year unlike any other, how can farmers best protect their farm businesses?

Farmers are facing additional risks in 2020. Increased costs for livestock feed, labour, and supplies and equipment are more likely this year, as are shortages of labour, loss of markets, and lack of supplies and equipment.

The best protection for a farm business is to have an assortment of program coverage options in place, including AgriStability.

AgriStability protects the whole farm from disaster instead of one commodity at a time. It helps to offset losses and can protect a farm's net income if there is a large decline. AgriStability also includes an option for interim payments, which farmers can apply for now.

There is still time to enrol in AgriStability. It works with other programs to protect farms in the face of different risks.

Combining these programs provides multiple layers of protection, which could be especially helpful to farmers in a year of extra challenges.

AgriStability slide show

Agricorp knows farmers have a lot going on and wants to help them understand program options and the benefits of participating in AgriStability.

Farmers with questions about how AgriStability works can visit to see the new Understanding AgriStability slide show with easy-to-follow examples.

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