Supporting farmers in challenging times

March 25, 2020 | Updated: April 2, 2020

Agricorp continues to help Ontario farmers with the programs we deliver. Farmers can continue to contact Agricorp's Customer Care, but during contingency and remote operation, calls and claims related to financial distress will be top priority. Farmers can go to for the latest information on operations and programs.

Contacting Agricorp

Customers with urgent requests requiring immediate action are asked to continue to call Customer Care at 1-888-247-4999. Questions that are not time-sensitive, and could wait a few days for a response, should be emailed to .

Current response times are longer than usual, but Agricorp staff is working hard to follow up with all customers as soon as possible. Agricorp thanks everyone for their patience during this time.

2020 program coverage

Program coverage options for 2020 will not be affected, but key dates may change. If there are any changes to program dates, Agricorp will communicate this information as quickly as possible. Agricorp will also work with the government to ensure that any program delays do not cause gaps in coverage so that farmers continue to have coverage in place. will be updated with any program updates.

April 2
Farmers have until June 30 to secure RMP coverage

Programs work together to provide comprehensive coverage

In this unusual time, with things changing so fast, farmers may want to give special consideration to program coverage needed for 2020. AgriStability, Production Insurance and the Risk Management Program (RMP) work together to offer coverage solutions for farm businesses and peace of mind for customers.

AgriStability – provides whole farm coverage that is designed to cover large declines in net income caused by production loss, increased costs or market conditions. It protects the income of the whole farm instead of one commodity at a time. In situations of severe business interruptions and loss of revenue, AgriStability has provisions for 2020 interim payments.

Production Insurance – designed to cover yield reductions and production losses caused by factors such as adverse weather, disease, and wildlife and insect infestation. Plans are available for over 100 commodities. 

RMP –designed to help producers manage risks beyond their control, such as when the average market price for a commodity falls below its support level. It includes plans for cattle, hogs, sheep, veal, grains and oilseeds, and edible horticulture.

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