Farmers now have until June 30 to secure AgriStability coverage

​April 26, 2022

The federal and provincial governments have extended the deadline for 2022 AgriStability applications and fee payment to June 30, 2022. The extension gives new and existing AgriStability customers more time and flexibility to assess evolving risks and consider how AgriStability can help manage those risks.

This year, farmers are facing high input costs and animal disease outbreaks, as well as the potential risks of production losses and market uncertainties. This is where AgriStability can help.

AgriStability protects the whole income of the farm and is available for all farms, including those with supply-managed commodities.

Farmers can submit a New Participant Form until June 30, 2022.

The June 30 extension is in addition to recent program enhancements to improve AgriStability coverage for Ontario farmers, including removal of the reference margin limit and an increase to the provincial compensation rate.

For more information about AgriStability and program updates, read How AgriStability enhancements improve support for farmers.

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