Contact Agricorp to report yields

August 5, 2022

Harvest season is around the corner for many crops, which means the time is coming to report yields for Production Insurance. Farmers can report their yields by phone, fax, mail or email.

Yield-reporting deadlines

Crops Deadline
Winter wheat, organic winter wheat, organic winter spelt September 1
Barley, canola, flax, mustard, oats, spring grains, spring wheat October 31
Beans (adzuki, black, white, cranberry, kidney, and Japan and other), corn, popping corn, soybeans, sunflowers
Honey, flue-cured tobacco
December 15

Report yields early

Reporting yields early can help eligible farmers get the payment process started early. It's best not to wait for the deadline. The sooner yields are reported, the sooner farmers can check it off their to-do list, and the sooner Agricorp can process potential payments.

If conditions delay harvest beyond the yield-reporting deadline, customers still need to call Agricorp to report a partial yield and confirm the status of their coverage.

Report damage

Challenging weather conditions can cause difficult planting or growing conditions for farmers across the province. Agricorp understands the challenges farmers face and is available to help.

As farmers monitor their crops over the coming months, they should contact Agricorp if they notice any new or additional damage, even if they have already reported damage this season. In cases of damage, the sooner final yields are reported, the sooner any claims can be paid.

Farmers who experience a loss do not need to complete a Proof of Loss form unless Agricorp requests one. Agricorp will provide this document if it’s needed.

Get payments faster with direct deposit

By signing up for direct deposit, farmers receiving a payment can get cash in the bank five to seven days faster. They can find details and sign up at

Agricorp is here to help

If farmers have questions about reporting their yields, want a paper copy of the yield reporting worksheets or want written confirmation of their reported yield, they can call Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999 or send an email to [email protected] with “Production Insurance” in the subject line.

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