Winterkill coverage offers security for your investment

October 4, 2022

As Ontario farmers plant their fall-seeded crops, this is a good time to consider insurance options to protect their investment.

Every year, farmers face the risks of difficult planting, growing and harvesting conditions. This is where Production Insurance can help. It offers farmers a guaranteed level of production and replanting coverage for their crops.

2023 renewal packages for existing Fall Policy customers are being mailed in early October. Farmers can contact Agricorp by November 8, 2022 to make coverage changes or to enrol if they want winterkill coverage.

Winterkill coverage offers farmers security for their investment if their winter wheat, winter barley or winter canola does not survive the winter.

If farmers do not sign up for coverage for their fall-seeded crops before November 8, they can still apply for Production Insurance coverage without winterkill in the spring.

Farmers in RMP: Grains and Oilseeds need to secure 2023 Production Insurance coverage for any of their fall‑seeded crops. Securing Production Insurance coverage is an eligibility requirement for all RMP-planted commodities.

Still have questions? Agricorp is here to help. Contact Agricorp to talk about available risk management options or learn more at

New pedigreed seed coverage now available

Winter wheat farmers can now sign up for pedigreed seed production coverage that adds a unique risk management option. This coverage uses the same yield-based approach customers are already familiar with, but it also includes a germination guarantee and a higher price option to reflect the value of the crop.

To sign up for pedigreed seed production coverage, contact Agricorp by November 8.

Report planted acres at by November 8

Reporting winter wheat acres online is easy and fast, mobile-friendly and there are no forms to download.

To remain eligible for Production Insurance coverage, farmers need to report their acres by November 8.

Farmers can avoid call-wait times and can report any day, any time, from anywhere. Reporting online also keeps phone lines open for customers who need to report damage or have questions about their coverage.

To start reporting acres, customers can go directly to with:

  • Their Agricorp ID
  • Final planting date for each crop and variety
  • Total acreage for any new land farmed this year
  • Total acreage in their landlord-sharecropping arrangement(s) (if applicable)

Planted acres can also be reported by phone, fax, mail or email.

Get payments up to 7 days faster

While doing business online, consider signing up for direct deposit. Payments can arrive in your account 5 to 7 days faster with direct deposit. Direct deposit is convenient, reliable and secure.

To sign up, customers can call Agricorp or go to All customers need is a void cheque and a few minutes of their time to make things a little easier.