Now easier to file claims under the Grain Financial Protection Program

January 18, 2023

The Grain Financial Protection Board and Agricorp have made it easier for farmers to file a claim through the Grain Financial Protection Program.

It's now easier to complete the claim form

  • It's shorter.
  • The clear and simple format makes it easy to give the right information, which means less follow-up.
  • It helps make record keeping easier. Farmers can keep all of their claim information and interactions in one document.
  • There are more options for farmers to do business their way. They can:
    • Complete and submit the form online.
    • Print a hard copy of the form, and mail or fax it.

A new information sheet outlines the claim process

The information sheet can help farmers understand the claim process and required timelines. Understanding the process can make it easier to file a claim and reduces the burden of any unnecessary administrative steps for the farmer.

Important reminders

  • Farmers should always work with licensed dealers and elevators to ensure they are financially protected.
  • Farmers can check the status of a grain dealer or elevator operator's licence quickly and easily using Agricorp's online tool.
  • Farmers should promptly notify the Chief Inspector of the Grain Financial Protection Program if a dealer or elevator does not meet their payment or storage obligations.