Grain Financial Protection Program

Make a complaint

Notify the Chief Inspector

Promptly notify the Chief Inspector of the Grain Financial Protection Program about any of the following situations:

  • Grain dealer has not paid for grain within 15 business days of the time that payment became due
  • Grain elevator operator has failed to deliver stored grain on demand
  • Grain dealer/elevator operator has ceased to operate or has become bankrupt, or a receiver has been appointed
  • Grain dealer/elevator operator is operating without a license. Check the status of a grain dealer or elevator operator's licence.

You can reach the Chief Inspector at 1-888-247-4999.

The Chief Inspector will follow up on your complaint and determine if a resolution can be reached. If a resolution cannot be reached, the Chief Inspector has the authority to:

  • Seize the stored grain and distribute it to the grain owners on a proportionate basis
  • Sell the stored grain and distribute the proceeds to the grain owners on a proportionate basis
  • Use financial security to assist in reimbursing the grain owners.

File a claim

If, following your prompt notification and the Chief Inspector's investigation, your complaint remains unresolved, you can file a claim to the Grain Financial Protection Board. Agricorp will send you the required documentation to file a claim. You must submit your claim within 30 business days of non-payment or failure to deliver grain.

Please note: Claims are administered and adjudicated by the Grain Financial Protection Board (not Agricorp).

For more information, see the information sheet Submitting a Claim to the Grain Financial Protection Board.

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