Winterkill coverage offers security for your investment

October 3, 2023

As Ontario farmers plant their fall-seeded crops, now is the time to consider how program coverage can help protect their investment.

Thousands of farmers rely on Production Insurance for peace of mind and affordable, dependable coverage. So what exactly do farmers get with this coverage?

  • A guaranteed level of production for their crops
  • Claim prices that reflect market prices
  • With winterkill coverage, replant coverage if their winter wheat, winter barley, or winter canola does not survive the winter
  • Quality factoring that may be applied to a yield of lower quality wheat, increasing the likelihood and size of a payment

Fall renewal packages are mailed to existing customers in early October. Here are some key dates:

Date Last day to…

November 8


Contact Agricorp if you are an existing customer to…

Make coverage changes

Add a new crop 

Remove a crop not being grown

Report planted acres

Sign up for Production Insurance

May 10

Sign up for Production Insurance without winterkill

Producing pedigreed seed winter wheat?

Sign up for pedigreed seed production coverage to add a specialized risk management option. This coverage uses the same yield-based approach customers are already familiar with, but it also includes a germination guarantee and a higher price option to reflect the value of the crop.

To sign up for pedigreed seed production coverage, contact Agricorp by November 8.

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