Report your acres in just a few clicks

October 3, 2023

When farmers finish planting their winter wheat acres, they need to report their acres for Production Insurance, by November 8 at the latest. How will they do this? More people than ever before are choosing to report at

To report your acres, click here.

This past spring, nearly half of farmers reported their acres online.

To start reporting acres online, go to and follow the instructions. Customers reporting partial acres or not planting a crop listed in their renewal need to call Agricorp.

Easier and faster to use

Accessible on mobile devices

Compatible with most rural internet speeds

Most farmers complete their planting around the same time, and call us around the same to report. Avoid call-wait times and report online any day, any time, from anywhere, with no form to download. Reporting online also keeps phone lines open for customers who need to report damage or have coverage questions.

Farmers can still choose to do business their way, including reporting acres by phone, email, fax, or mail. Whatever they decide, they need to report their acres by November 8 for their crops to be eligible for Production Insurance.

Do more business online and get payments faster

While reporting acres online, consider signing up for direct deposit. Payments can arrive in accounts 5 to 7 days faster with direct deposit – it’s convenient, reliable, and secure.

To sign up, call Agricorp or go to Customers just need to sign in to online services, or they can submit a void cheque or a bank direct deposit form from their bank’s website. It takes just a few minutes of time to make things a little easier.

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