High 2023 corn and soybean yields shown in maps

January 17, 2024

Many Ontario corn and soybean farmers enrolled in Production Insurance saw strong yields in 2023, across most of the province.

As of January 12, 2024, the average soybean yield reported was 53 bushels per acre, which is above the 10‑year average of 48 bushels per acre. Some corn is still in the fields and corn yields are still being reported for Production Insurance; however, they are trending higher than the 10-year average of 184 bushels per acre.

While 2023 was generally a good year, some farmers had crops with lower yields or quality issues due to weather conditions. Agricorp is working with these farmers to help them understand how their coverage works for their individual situations and walk them through the claim process.

The yield maps below show 2023 Ontario corn and soybean yields for farmers in Production Insurance.

2023 corn yields
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2023 soybean yields
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For 2023 provincial and county yields, see the OMAFRA statistics site. Yield data is updated as it is collected.

How do higher yields affect program coverage?

Higher yields can lead to higher Production Insurance coverage in future years, when farmers need it.

Because Production Insurance coverage is based on a farmer's individual yield history, an above‑average yield raises their average farm yield (AFY). The higher the AFY, the higher the level of production Agricorp guarantees.

Higher yields help keep base premium rates stable and can lead to individual premium discounts. Base premium rates for Production Insurance are set to reflect factors like past performance of the plan, changes to claim prices, and the level of the Production Insurance fund, which is used to make claim payments.

How do lower yields affect program coverage?

One bad production year doesn’t significantly impact a farmer’s 10-year AFY. Unusually low (or high) yields are buffered to stabilize the AFY and lessen the impact of extreme yields. A stable AFY means stable and dependable coverage.

For more information about average farm yields and yield buffering, read the Yield Buffering feature sheet.