Know the facts about how AgriStability can help

March 13, 2024

Each year, farmers face risks, such as fluctuating market prices, increased costs, production losses, and losses associated with animal health or disease.

Know the facts about how AgriStability can help.

  • Compensates farmers for large declines in farm income. See the example to the right
  • Payments are higher with the new 80% compensation rate
  • Helps with cash flow when it’s needed most through interim payments 
  • Only costs $315 to cover $100,000 of average net income (reference margin)
  • Has proven to respond in challenging times. See below how AgriStability has responded


AgriStability protects farmers when their net farming income falls below 70% of their recent average. Learn more on the AgriStability – How it works page.

AgriStability Responds

Total Ontario hog payments: 2020 - 165% increase to $20M dollars Total Ontario vegetable & Fruit payments: 2020 - 360% increase to $55M dollars Total Ontario program payments: 2020 - 125% increase to $104M dollars

How to sign up

To sign up for AgriStability, submit an AgriStability New Participant Form by April 30. Existing customers get a renewal package in the mail.

Have questions about AgriStability? Contact Agricorp today.

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