Farm Property Class Tax Rate Program

Sign up/Renew

​How to sign up – for new participants

After you buy farmland or make a business structure change (changing to or from a sole proprietorship, corporation or partnership) to your farming operation, Agricorp sends you an application to determine your property’s eligibility for the next calendar year for the Farm Property Class Tax Rate Program, also known as the "Farm Tax Program."​ If you do not receive an application and should have, please contact us.

If your application is approved:

  • Agricorp will mail your confirmation of approval.
  • You will receive the farm property class tax rate on your municipal property tax bill for the next calendar year. You may also review your property assessment notice from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation to confirm the correct property class has been applied.

How to renew – for existing participants

You only need to apply once. After that, your farm property will remain in the program and be taxed at the farm property class tax rate as long as you meet the eligibility requirements, including keeping your Farm Business Registration (FBR) number valid each year.

You are required to inform Agricorp of any changes to your farm property that may affect your eligibility. These include things like changes to your:

  • Land use
  • Property rental arrangements
  • Farm business structure (i.e. changing the ownership structure to or from a proprietorship, corporation or partnership)
  • Income, FBR status or exemption status

In most cases, if you report changes, Agricorp will assist you in determining what you need to do to remain in the program and let you know what documents are required, with deadlines specific to your situation. Meeting these deadlines helps ensure your property receives the correct property tax rate.

Agricorp conducts random verifications to maintain data accuracy and the integrity of the Farm Tax Program. A completed application and/or supporting documentation may be required to maintain the farm property class tax rate.

To sign up after withdrawing / no longer being eligible

If you are no longer eligible for the Farm Tax Program in the current tax year but meet the eligibility requirements in a following year, you will need to call Agricorp to reapply.

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