Production Insurance
Asparagus, yield basis



Your respo​​nsibilities

  • Follow good farm management practices. If your practices contribute to a production loss, you may lose some or all of your insurance coverage.
  • Meet all deadlines to ensure that your Production Insurance  contract remains in good standing.
  • Contact us if your business structure changes, including changes to name, address, shareholders and farm management practices. 
  • Report damage as soon as it occurs. Failing to report damage as soon as it occurs may cause your claim to be reduced or denied.
  • Insure your full crop. For each fresh market vegetable crop you insure, all acres of that crop must be reported and enrolled in Production Insurance.

​​Eligibility conditions

You must insure a minimum of two acres. ​

​​Asparagus plants that are four years of age (from crown) or older are covered. Coverage is limited to the field and does not ​​​include post-harvest diseases encountered during storage.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada