Production Insurance
Asparagus, yield basis


These base premium rates are provided for information purposes only. For your own rates and for any surcharge or discount you may have, please refer to your renewal notice or coverage confirmation.

2021 Premium rates and claim prices

Fixed claim price
Premium rate by coverage level
70% 75% 80% 85% 90%

Calculating your annual premium

Your annual premium is based on:

  • Base premium rate  
  • Reported number of acres

The premium is calculated using this formula:

Annual premium = number of acres × base premium rate 

Base premium rate

The base premium rate is determined at renewal time each year. It may change due to factors like past performance of the plan, changes to claim prices and the level of the Ontario Agricultural Products Fund.

Reported number of acres

This refers to the total number of planted acres you report when you finish planting. Once you report your final planted acres, Agricorp sends your premium invoice.

Minimum premium

The minimum total customer premium is $100.

Claim prices

The claim price is applied to your yield to calculate a dollar value for the purpose of paying a claim. Your claim amount equals your yield shortfall (total guaranteed production minus your total yield) multiplied by the claim price.

The claim price is calculated as the five-year average price of fresh sales, as reported by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, minus an amount per pound for non-incurred costs (pack out and containers).


Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada