Production Insurance
Grapes and grapevines


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ These base premium rates are provided for information purposes only. For your own rates and for any surcharge and discount you may have, see your renewal notice or coverage confirmation.

2024 Premium ​​​​​​rates​ for grapes

Grape type
​Customer base premium rate by coverage level
(% of total liability) ​

​2024 ​Premium rates for grapevines

*The federal and provincial governments pay the premium on your behalf.

Grapevine type
Standard coverage

Additional coverage​
(% of vines)
(% of total liability)
(% of vines)
(% ​of total liability)
Hybrid12.5%​No cost*
Labrusca12.5%No cost*​3.0%​0.25%
Vinifera12.5%No cost*​8.0%0.08%

2024 Claim prices for grapes and grapevines

For grape claim prices, see Grape Claim Prices.​

Grapevine type Claim price ($/vine)
Hybrid $20.99
Labrusca $21.14
Vinifera $18.63

​​​Calculating​ your annu​​al Production Insurance premium

Your annual premium is based on:

  • Base premium rate
  • Guaranteed value
  • Discounts and surcharges (D or S)

The premium is calculated using​​ this formula:

Annual premium = base premium rate ​​× guaranteed value × D or S

Base premium r​​​ate

The base premium rate is determined at renewal time each year. It may change due to factors like past performance of the plan, changes to claim prices and the level of the Ontario Agricultural Products Insurance Fund.

Guaranteed va​​​lue

Your guaranteed value is determined by multiplying your guaranteed production by your selected claim price.

Guaranteed value = guaranteed production × selected claim price

Guaranteed value for Brix varieties = your historical yield × claim price based on your final average Brix

Discounts and ​​su​​rcharges

If you have had Production Insurance for more than 1 year, your premium rate may be discounted or surcharged. Discounts and surcharges are determined by comparing your individual claim rate for a commodity to the claim rate for the commodity as a whole.

For more information, see Discounts and Surcharges.

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