Production Insurance
Sugar beets


​These base premium rates are provided for informati​on purposes only. For your own rates, please refer to your renewal notice or confirmation of insurance.

​​​2020 Premium rates and claim prices 

Claim price

Maximum reseeding benefit

Premium rates by coverage level













The minimum total customer premium ​​is $25.​

​Calculating your ann​​ual premium

Your annual premium ​is based on:

  • Base premium rate
  • Reported number of acres
  • Discounts and surcharges (D or S)

​The premium is calculated using this formula:​

Annual premium = number of acres x base premium rate x D or S

​​Base premium ra​​​​te

The base premium rate is determined at renewal time each year. It may change due to fact​​​​ors like p​ast performance of the plan, changes to claim prices and the level of the Production Insurance Fund.

​​Reported num​​ber of acres

This refers to the total number of planted acres that you or your processor reported when you finished planting. Once your final planted acres are reported, Agricorp sends the premium invoice to you or your processor, depending on who pays.​

​The claim price is based on an estimated final price provided by the Michigan Sugar Company.​

Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada