Risk Management Program
Edible horticulture

Related programs

​​The Risk Management Program complements AgriStability and Production Insurance. AgriStability was designed to stabilize whole farm income, and Production Insurance was created to mitigate production loss.

By participating in all programs, you take full advantage of the protection available from government risk management programs. 


You could receive an AgriStability benefit and an RMP payment in a given year.

RMP payments and premiums are non-allowable income and expenses under AgriStability.

If enrolled in AgriStability and SDRM: Edible Horticulture, SDRM government contributions are counted as an advance on the provincial portion of your AgriStability payment for the corresponding program year. You keep the greater of either the SDRM contribution or the provincial portion of the AgriStability payment. RMP has no impact on the federal portion of AgriStability payments. If you participate in more than one plan under RMP, the sum of all your RMP payments will be offset against AgriStability.

Production Insurance

Production Insurance​ protects specifically against yield reductions caused by adverse weather or other insured perils.

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