Risk Management Program

Report info

​​​​​​​​​Submit your sales report to Agricorp according to the schedule below. You must submit a sales report even if you have zero sales. Report the actual sale weight as shown on the sale/slaughter receipt. Report the weight as either "live" or "rail".

Sales reporting periodDeadline to reportInformation to report each period
January 1 to March 31April 30, 2024
  • The number of eligible veal cattle sold according to their weight type:
    • From 600 to 769 lb. live weight
    • From 327 to 419 lb. rail weight
  • Date of sale or slaughter
  • Copies of receipts showing individual animal weights must accompany your sales report.
April 1 to
June 30  
July 31, 2024
July 1 to September 30   October 31, 2024
October 1 to December 31January 31, 2025

​Copies of purchase receipts for bob calves or preconditioned calves must be available upon request to hel​​p Agricorp verify program eligibility (e.g. minimum ownership of 90 days).​

Sales/slaughter receipts are always required for veal cattle and must clearly show ​​the following:

  • Live or rail weight (must show individual weight for grain-fed veal)
  • Number of head
  • Date of sale
  • Name of seller and buyer

​​Changes of more​​​​ than 25%

During the course of the year, if you expect your actual sales to increase or decrease by more than 25%, you must notify Agricorp. ​


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