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Corporate structure

​​​​​​We listen, we understand, we respond. To accomplish this takes a committed team working together with one objective in mind: serving our customers’ needs to the best of our ability. Whether it’s interacting with producers in the call centre, managing the infrastructure supporting program delivery or consulting in the fields, each division wit​hin Agricorp contributes its prof​​essional expertise to helping customers in need. 

A glimpse inside​​ Agricorp

Take a glimpse inside Agricorp through the divisional descri​​​pt​ions below.

The Program Development division is responsible fo​​r liaising with industry stakeholders, management of product performance, program policy development, and developing programs, products and analysis.

  • Development and Readiness
  • Product Design and Policy
  • Product Management and Industry Relations
  • Program Analysis

The Finance and Corporate Services division is responsible for the corporation's financial functions including: financial reporting, financial planning, audit ​and re​view activities, investment m​anagement, administrative services, purchasing, compliance, Freedom of Information, privacy and records retention. 

  • Controller
  • Corporate Services Unit
  • Risk Management
​​​Human Resources and Organizational Development is responsible for recruitment and staffing, training and development and payroll administration, including pension and benefits administration.
  • Program Learning Services
  • Recruitment and HR Consulting
  • Total Compensation and HR Consulting

The Legal Services ​division provides legal service to Agricorp in areas such as: corporate governance; program development and delivery; contract drafting; negotiation and interpretation; procurement; the conduct or management of civil litigation; and, regulatory compliance.

The Information Technology division is responsible for delivering Agricorp's technology functions that include client services, architecture services, business analysis services, development services, QA and test services, computing and network services and IT program management services.

  • Architecture Services
  • IT Application and CNS Services
  • IT Program Services

The Program Delivery division is responsible for the delivery, effective customer service and administration of several programs including Production Insurance, AgriStability, Farm Business Registration, Grain Financial Protection Program, Dairy Credit Program, Orchards and Vineyards Transition Program, Risk Management Program, and Plum Pox Eradication Program.

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Customer Commitment
  • Customer Experience
  • Program Quality Assurance and Performance Standards

Strategic Management and Communications is responsible for strategic and operational planning; corporate reporting; promoting Agricorp's project management discipline and portfolio management; support to the Board of Directors and CEO’s office; and managing internal and external communications strategies, standards, processes and products.

  • Executive Committees Coordinator
  • Business Planning
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Project Management Office