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Expense disclosure

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Beginning January 1, 2015, expenses incurred by board members and the senior management team are posted quarterly, within one month following the end of the quarter. Expenses are reported for the quarter in which they are claimed and reimbursed.

Reporting periodPDFCSV
2019 October to DecemberPDFCSV
2019 July to SeptemberPDFCSV
2019 April to JunePDFCSV
2019 January to MarchPDFCSV
2018 October to DecemberPDFCSV
2018 July to SeptemberPDFCSV
2018 April to JunePDFCSV
2018 January to MarchPDFCSV
2017 October to DecemberPDFCSV
2017 July to SeptemberPDFCSV
2017 April to JunePDFCSV
2017 January to MarchPDFCSV
2016 October to DecemberPDFCSV
2016 July to SeptemberPDFCSV
2016 April to JunePDFCSV
2016 January to MarchPDFCSV
2015 October to DecemberPDFCSV
2015 July to SeptemberPDFCSV
2015 April to JunePDFCSV
2015 January to MarchPDFCSV