About us


​​Agricorp, a provincial government agency, was created under the AgriCorp Act, 1996, to deliver risk management programs and services to the agricultural industry. The legislation states that Agricorp's mandate is:

"To administer plans of crop insurance under the Agricultural Products Insurance Act, 1996, and to perform the duties conferred on it by that Act; and to perform any other ​​duties conferred on it under any other Act of Ontario, any order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council or the Governor in Council or any agreement." (AgriCorp Act, 1996)

Agricorp is responsible to the provincial government in delivering these programs while maintaining the highest standards in customer service, fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability and risk management.

Agricorp works closely with the agricultural industry to understand and respond to industry needs. Regular program reviews and collaboration with stakeholders ensure programs remain relevant in a changing environment. A skilled and knowledgeable workforce, many from other parts of the agricultural industry, is ready to help customers.​