Beef Cattle Financial Protection Program


Ontario’s Beef Cattle Financial Protection Program provides financial protection to beef cattle sellers when a licensed dealer defaults on payment. Administration of the program is funded by the Government of Ontario.

The ministry licenses all beef cattle dealers (including country dealers, abattoirs, auction markets, associations and meat packers). Beef cattle producers must sell their animals to a licensed dealer and pay a check-off fee on each sale. The fees are deposited into a fund.

Two types of claims can be made against the fund:

  • Cattle sellers may make a claim if a licensed dealer defaults on payment. Compensation is 95 per cent on approved claims.
  • Licensed dealers may make a claim if a producer defaults on payment. Compensation is 85 per cent, up to a maximum of $125,000. There is no compensation for claims less than $5,000.

How the Program Works

The Livestock Financial Protection Board can pay the seller 95 per cent of any approved claim provided that:

  • The sale was to a licenced dealer;
  • Proper notification procedures for non-payment were followed;
  • The claim was filed within 30 days of the date of sale; and
  • Credit was not extended to the buyer.

Sellers can be beef producers, licenced dealers or auction markets.

Dealers include packing plant operators, abattoir operators, auction market operators and country dealers. All dealers must be licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Payment Deadlines

If the sale is $15,000 or less: Buyers must ensure that payment is made so it can be deposited in the seller's bank no later than 1:00 p.m. on the ninth business day following the day of sale.

If the sale is $15,001 or more: Buyers must ensure that the payment is made so that it can be deposited in the seller's bank no later than 1:00 p.m. on the sixth business day following the day of sale.

Notification of Non-Payment

Contact Agricorp immediately if payment is late.

Making a Claim

Sellers making a claim must apply to the Livestock Financial Protection Board within 30 days of the day of sale.

Sellers may also make a claim if a dealer has ceased operation or if a dealer's assets were placed under a trustee or receiver.

Day of sale can be:

  • Day of weighing, where price is determined on a live weight basis;
  • Day of grading, where price is determined on a carcass grade basis; or
  • Day of purchase, where price is determined on a per head basis.

Payment can be made by cheque, direct deposit, electronic transfer or any other kind of transfer agreed to by the seller and the buyer.

Sales to Producers

Sales to producers are also covered where a licenced dealer sells to a producer who defaults on payment. In these cases, compensation is 85 per cent, up to a maximum of $125,000. There will be no compensation for claims less than $5,000.

Becoming a Licenced Dealer

All dealers are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Dealer applications, along with financial statements, are reviewed by the Ministry before the licence is granted.

A dealer who fails to make prompt payment, defaults on payment or issues an NSF cheque may lose their licence.

Payment can be made by cheque, direct deposit, electronic transfer or any other kind of transfer agreed to by the seller and the buyer.

For information on how to obtain a dealer licence or make a claim, contact Agricorp.

Sellers - Protect Yourselves

Always deal with a licenced dealer. When in doubt, ask to see the licence or check the current list of licenced dealers. Sales to an unlicenced dealer are not covered by the Beef Cattle Financial Protection Program.

Do not extend credit to a dealer. This means that you should never ship another load of cattle once payment for a previous load is overdue.

Notify Agricorp if you do not receive payment on time.

File your claim with the Livestock Financial Protection Board no later than 30 days after the day of sale.

The Livestock Financial Protection Board

The Livestock Financial Protection Board (LFPB) manages the fund and determines if a claim should be paid.

Agricorp supports the ministry in licensing dealers, collects the check-off fees and supports the LFPB.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) manages program policy, licensing decisions, investigations and enforcement.

The Livestock Financial Protection Board adjudicates claims and administers the compensation fund.

Board members are appointed by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, with nominations from the:

  • Beef Farmers of Ontario
  • Veal Farmers of Ontario
  • Ontario Livestock Auction Markets Association
  • Meat and Poultry Ontario
  • Ontario Livestock Dealers Association
  • Other industry groups

For more information about the Beef Cattle Financial Protection Program, to report a late payment or make a claim, please contact Agricorp.

Licenced Dealers List


Dealer TypeNameAddressCityPostal CodePhone
Abattoir11261991 Canada Inc. HM Halal Meats 82 ENFORD CRESCENTBramptonL6X 4N7647 271-7530
AssocAl Madina Halal Meat Packers3944 Carman RoadBrinstonK0E 1C0416 400-6814
Country DealerAlan Stirling 579 Eldon RoadLittle BritainK0M 2C0705 786-2993
AbattoirAlgoma Co-Operative Livestock SalesRR 2, 1505 Dayton RoadIron BridgeP0R 1H0705 842-2249
AbattoirAlwalaa Halal Meat1728 Lawrence Avenue E.ScarboroughM5R 2Y1416 285-0778
AbattoirAlzahraa Halal Meat Inc.2032 Lawrence Avenue E.ScarboroughM1R 2Z3416 701-1590
Country DealerAnderson, Stephen146 Con. 14 E, R.R. #1ChesleyN0G 1L0519 375-5692
Country DealerANS Livestock1158 McAdoo's LaneKingstonK0H 1S0613 544-3038
Country DealerAylmer Livestock47944 Lyons LineSpringfieldN0L 2J0519 808-0904
Auction MarketAylmer Stockyards Inc.8933 Walker Road, RR 1AylmerN5H 2R1519 765-2672
Country DealerBateman, HaroldRR 1, 1829 Crookston RoadTweedK0K 3J0613 478-6443
AbattoirBentinck Packers Limited381488 Conc 4 NDR, RR 3HanoverN4N 3B9519 364-3538
Country DealerBesner, Donald7150 Conc. 10, RR 2Vankleek HillK0B 1R0613 678-6421
Country DealerBill Wight LivestockRR 2, 177 Brooklin RoadNanticokeN0A 1L0289 439-2200
Meat PackerBruno's Meat Distribution Ltd.7088 Gore Road, RR 2PuslinchN0B 2J0647 228-0902
Auction MarketBrussels LivestockR.R. #3, 42857 Newry RoadBrusselsN0G 1H0519 887-6461
Country DealerButch Clare LivestockRR 3, 350 5th Concession RoadBurfordN0E 1A0519 458-4318
Country DealerC.R.P. Theoret Farm and Livestock Services Ltd.RR 1Moose CreekK0C 1W0613 538-6455
Auction MarketCargill Auction Market Inc.40 Cargill RoadCargillN0G 1J0519 366-2214
Meat PackerCargill Ltd.165 Dunlop Drive, RR 2GuelphN1L 1P4519 823-5200
Meat PackerCargill Meat Solution Corporation825E Douglas Ave.Witchita, KS67202316 291-2575
Meat PackerChamplain Beef Co. Inc.9679 State Rt 4Whitehall, NY12887518 499-1895
Country DealerChris Rots Enterprises327 County Road 20OdessaK0H 2H0613 561-5065
Country DealerClaessens Livestock Inc.121 4e Rang O.St-Simon, PQJ0H 1Y0450 501-7986
Country DealerClarence Poortinga Livestock Inc.83880 Brussels Line, RR 2BrusselsN0G 1H0519 887-9747
Country DealerClark Bros. Canadian Livestock Inc.30888 Chalmers Line, RR 2DuttonN0L 1J0519 282-0632
Country DealerCochrane, Ernest433 Bethany Hills RoadBethanyL0A 1A0905 434-9285
Country DealerCouperus, BramR.R. #1, 254 Cty Rd. 8ToledoK0E 1Y0613 275-1412
Auction MarketD.H. Hickson Limited2508 County Road 8, RR 5CampbellfordK0L 1L0705 653-3660
Auction MarketDavid Carson Farms & Auction Services Ltd.RR 3, 5531 Perth Line 86ListowelN4W 3G8519 291-2049
Country DealerDeklein Livestock2201 Mossley DriveMossleyN0L 1V0519 269-3548
Auction MarketDenfield Livestock Exchange Inc.12952 Sixteen Mile Road, RR 2DenfieldN0M 1P0519 666-1140
Country DealerDewetering, Frank5192 Line 42SebringvilleN0K 1X0519 393-6822
Country DealerDickson, Steve2616 Woodburn Road, RR 1JoycevilleK0H 1Y0613 484-1342
Meat PackerDominion Meat Packers Limited2255 St. Clair Avenue WestTorontoM6N 1K6416 762-7281
Country DealerDon Sholdice Livestock74 Queensbury StreetBrusselsN0G 1H0519 357-5135
Country DealerDonald Thompson Farm478 Butterfield Road, Box 121Trout CreekP0H 2L0705 494-0973
AbattoirDufferin County Meats Inc.335424 7th LineAmaranthL9V 1K6519 939-8068
Auction MarketEmbrun Livestock Exchange Ltd.1643 Sale Barn Road, PO Box 340GreelyK4P 1N6613 821-2634
AbattoirField Gate Organic Processing Ltd.Box 389ZurichN0M 2T0519 228-7717
Country DealerGlavin, Donald167 Stanley Street, PO Box 422LucanN0M 2J0519 878-0083
Country DealerGlenview Livestock Ltd.7777 County Road 45WallensteinN0B 2S0519 698-2248
AbattoirGord's Abattoir Inc.643 Hwy 77LeamingtonN8H 3V8519 326-2503
AssocGrey Bruce Livestock Co-Operative Ltd.318889 Grey Road 1, RR 2Owen SoundN4K 5N4519 375-2938
Country DealerGrof Livestock258 Hwy 36LindsayK9V 4R4705 878-3171
Auction MarketHagersville Auction Centre97 1st LineHagersvilleN0A 1H0905 768-5601
Country DealerHamilton Livestock Inc.4257 Hamilton Side RoadAlmonteK0A 1A0613 769-3545
Country DealerHamilton, Allan F.674 12th Conc. RamsayAlmonteK0A 1A0613 257-4594
Country DealerHank Dekoning Limited1768 Hwy 6 South, RR 1Port DoverN0A 1N3519 583-0115
Country DealerHenry Poortinga Livestock Ltd.72440 London Road, RR 1HensallN0M 1X0519 671-2549
Country DealerHensall Cattle Co.73136 London Rd., RR 2HensallN0M 1X0519 263-2619
Country DealerHewitt’s Livestock911 County Road 29, RR 2JasperK0G 1G0613 283-4637
AbattoirHighland Packers Limited432 Highland Road EastStoney CreekL8J 3G4905 662-8396
AbattoirJ & J Meat Distributing Inc.331 Wolverleigh BoulevardTorontoM4C 1S5905 859-1540
Country DealerJador Beef50 Concession 4, RR 3ChesleyN0G 1L0519-363-5090
Meat PackerJBS USA L.L.C.1770 Promontory CircleGreeley, CO80634970 506-8349
Country DealerJeff McSherry Livestock FarmsBox 42Teulon, MBR0C 3B0204 886-2614
Auction MarketKawartha Lakes Community Sale Barn Inc.580 Woodville Road, RR 3WoodvilleK0M 2T0705 439-4444
Auction MarketKeady Livestock Market Limited117012 Grey Road 3, RR 4TaraN0H 2N0519 934-2339
Country DealerKeating, Glenn2056 Asphodel/Seymour Boundary Road, R.R. #2NorwoodK0L 2V0705 772-8500
Country DealerKevin Barker Auctions Ltd.1080 Linden Valley Road, RR 1WoodvilleK0M 2T0705 328-1478
Country DealerKevin Dickson Livestock3958 Woodburn Road, RR 1JoycevilleK0H 1Y0613 532-5527
Country DealerKevin McArthur Livestock554447 Mono-Amaranth TownlineMonoL9W 5M8519 942-0264
Meat PackerKinder Foods7392 Hwy 89Mount ForestN0G 2L0519 323-3350
Country DealerLalonde, Jonathan1001 Chemin Des RapidesVal-Des-Monts, QCJ8N 6M5613 677-2481
Country DealerLaverty Trucking348345 15th SideroadMonoL9W 6S7519 942-5356
Auction MarketListowel Livestock Ltd5883 Line 87, RR 3ListowelN4W 3G8519 291-2200
AbattoirL'orignal Packing Ltd.2567 Highway 17L'orignalK0B 1K0613 675-4612
AbattoirLouro Bros. Meats Ltd.1142 Reidsville Road, RR 1AyrN0B 1E0519 632-7364
Country DealerM & M LivestockPO Box 113GoodwoodL0C 1A0905 852-3812
Country DealerMangan Team Farms3211 Sandill Road, RR 1Seeley's BayK0H 2N0613 561-2912
AbattoirManilla Halal Meats18619 Simcoe St OakwoodOakwoodK0M 2M0705-821-3151
Auction MarketMaple Hill Auctions Ltd.1100 Hwy 4WalkertonN0G 2V0519 506-1400
Country DealerMar-Dale Transport (1985) Ltd.42-C Ruggles RoadFloradaleN0B 1V0519 669-3392
Country DealerMario Maciocia Et Fils Ltee131 Petits EtangLa Presentation, PQJOH 1B0450 796-3354
Country DealerMartin, Eldon M.7411 Third Line, RR 2WallensteinN0B 2S0519 588-2653
Country DealerMcCall Livestock85345 Brussels Line, Box 140BrusselsN0G 1H0519 887-9571
Country DealerMenard & Fils Livestock Inc.752 St-Guillaume RoadEmbrunK0A 1W0613 859-5073
Meat PackerMeyer Natural Foods1990 Rocky Mountain Ave.Loveland, CO80538970 292-5546
AbattoirMiedema's Country Meats41130 Thames Road EastExeterN0M 1S5519 235-4978
AbattoirMiedema's Meat Market Ltd.129 Huron StreetEmbroN0J 1J0519 475-4010
AbattoirMillgrove Packers Limited549, Con. 5 W., RR 2WaterdownL8B 0L5905 689-6184
AbattoirMister Greek Meat Market801 Danforth AvenueTorontoM4J 1L2416 469-0733
AbattoirNewmarket Meat Packers Limited1111 Davis Drive, Unit 1 Suite 517NewmarketL3Y 9E5905 836-7001
AbattoirNorthern Meat Packers & Abattoir Ltd.266 McFadden Line, PO Box 175Trout CreekP0H 2L0705 477-3800
AbattoirNorwich Packers Ltd.11 Robson StreetNorwichN0J 1P0519 468-3617
Country DealerOmer Poirier Livestock Inc.20560 Eigg Road, RR 1AlexandriaK0C 1A0613 525-3020
AbattoirOntario Halal Meat Packers5593 Highway 25MiltonL9T 2X5905 875-0270
Auction MarketOntario Livestock Exchange Inc.856 Weber St. W., PO Box 443WaterlooN2J 4A9519 884-2082
Auction MarketOntario Stockyards Inc.3807 County Road 89, Box 1051CookstownL0L 1L0705 458-4000
Auction MarketOttawa Livestock Exchange1643 Sale Barn Road, PO Box 340GreelyK4P 1N6613 821-2634
Country DealerP.D. Dale Enterprises Ltd.013775 Bruce Road 10, RR 3HanoverN4N 3B9519 364-6205
AbattoirParadise Farms25 Park Lane CircleTorontoM3B 1Z8416 449-5994
Auction MarketParks Livestock Of Canada, L.P.6 Spencer Street, PO Box 280MilvertonN0K 1M0519 595-8555
AbattoirPeel Sausage Inc
7860 6th Line RR2 DraytonN0G 1P0519-638-3446
Meat PackerPine Ridge Meat Packers28 Davey StreetAjaxL1Z 1L2647 339-8977
Country DealerPratten, Kevin2907 Dundas Street EastLondonN5V 5B5519 643-8564
AbattoirQuinn’s Meats3998 County Road 1, RR 2YarkerK0K 3N0613 377-6430
AssocRainy River Cattlemen's AssocPO Box 388EmoP0W 1E0807 483-5354
AbattoirRalph Bos Meats Ltd.3742 Egremont DriveStrathroyN7G 3H6519 245-1574
AssocRenfrew Agricultural Society115 Veterans Memorial BlvdRenfrewK7V 2R5613 432-5331
Auction MarketRenfrew-Pontiac Livestock Ltd.18156 Hwy 17, RR 3CobdenK0J 1K0613 646-7335
Country DealerRobert Rubino Trucking Ltd.6943 Hwy 101 EastPorcupineP0N 1C0705 266-4076
Meat PackerSA Halal Meat Inc.130 Shaler Ave.Fairview, NJ7022201-918-1575
Country DealerSauder Transport L.T.D.8891 Con. 7, R.R. #4ArthurN0G 1A0519 848-5771
AbattoirSavage AbattoirC.P. 60, 113 Rue PrincipaleSt-AlbertK0A 3C0613 987-2070
Country DealerSchaus Land And Cattle Co. Limited54 Queen St. W., Box 100ElmwoodN0G 1S0519 363-3516
Country DealerSedore Farms1331 Flos Road 3 EastPhelpstonL0L 2K0705 322-8159
Country DealerSnyder Livestock1097 Zion LineBeachburgK0J 1C0613 582-3584
Country DealerSouth East Livestock Ltd.Box 28 Station MainSteinbachR5G 1M1204 694-7857
Meat PackerSt. Ann's Foods Inc.145 Bethridge RoadEtobicokeM9W 1N4416 742-4272
Meat PackerSt. Helen's Meat Packers Limited1-3 Glen Scarlett RoadTorontoM6N 1P5416 769-1788
AbattoirStayner Meat Packers Ltd.352 Warrington Road, PO Box 527StaynerL0M 1S0705 428-3006
Country DealerSunny Miroca FarmsRR 1, 95 South Lake RoadGananoqueK7G 2V3613 382-7324
Country DealerTebo Livestock5959 Hwy 37, Box 828TweedK0K 3J0613 849-8968
Auction MarketTemiskaming Livestock Exchange 1992883006 Hwy 65E, RR 3New LiskeardP0J 1P0705 647-5415
Country DealerThames Sales Yard LimitedR.R. #7, 23318 Industrial RoadThamesvilleN0P 2K0519 692-3804
AbattoirThe Beef Way (1997)2034 Highway 21, RR 2KincardineN2Z 2X4519 396-2257
Country DealerTitan Livestock Inc.323, 6650-177 StreetEdmonton, Alberta T5T 4J5780 487-8769
Country DealerTodd Dickson Livestock255 Honeywood AvenueKingstonK7K 7L4613 449-9750
Country DealerToll Gate Farm10615 Van Kamp RoadMountainK0E 1S0613 989-3139
AbattoirTownsend Butchers Inc.419 14th St. E.SimcoeN3Y 4K3519 426-6750
AbattoirTremblay, Lucien369 Notre DameSt. ChrysostomeJ0S 1R0450 826-0448
Meat PackerTru Harvest Meats Inc.70 Glen Scarlett RoadTorontoM6N 1P4416 742-4272
AbattoirUniversity Of GuelphDept. Of Animal and Poultry Science, Building 70GuelphN1G 2W1519 824-4120
AbattoirV.G. Meats966 Concession 6 Woodhouse, RR 5SimcoeN3Y 4K4519 426-2000
Country DealerVanbenthem, John1257 Concession 10, RR 5HagersvilleN0A 1H0905 920-9339
Auction MarketVankleek Hill Livestock Exchange Ltd.1239 Ridge Road, PO Box 134Vankleek HillK0B 1R0450 826-0448
Country DealerVernla Livestock Inc.3434 Herrgott Road, RR 3WallensteinN0B 2S0519 699-5921
AbattoirWalkerton Meat Market239 Durham Street, PO Box 612WalkertonN0G 2V0519 881-0781
AbattoirWallace Beef Inc.P.O. Box 93GlenburnieK0H 1S0613 536-6379
AbattoirWeiland Meats Ltd.340 Centre StreetPetroliaN0N 1R0519 882-1215
AbattoirWeltin Meat Packing Inc.8678 Fifth StreetMinden City48456989 864-8328
Meat PackerWhite Veal Meat Packers Ltd.5136 9th LineCookstownL0L 1L0705 458-0707
Country DealerWilliam Haalstra Livestock244 Hald-Dunn Townline Road, RR 9DunnvilleN1A 2W8905 774-1739
Country DealerWillowtree Farm975 Regional Road 21Port PerryL9L 1B5905 985-4973
Country DealerWm. D. McComb Inc.2199 West River RoadCambridgeN1R 5S5519 658-3129
Country DealerWood, Bill244 Short Point RoadLyndhurstK0E 1N0613 540-4074
Country DealerWoodrow, Neil81 Blackcreek TrailCourticeL1E 1J7905 404-4526
Country DealerWright Livestock854 Kinch Street, RR2JasperK0G 1G0613 275-2771

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