Production Insurance
Forage rainfall


​​​​Your responsibilities

  • Follow good farm management practices. If your practices contribute to a loss, you may lose some or all of your insurance coverage.
  • Meet all deadlines to ensure that your Production Insurance contract remains in good standing.
  • Contact us if your business structure changes, including changes to name, address, shareholders and farm management practices.
  • Insure your full crop. All acres must be enrolled in Production Insurance.

Insurable varieties

Forage consists of grass and legume plant species in either pure or mixed stands (organic or conventional) that were seeded in a previous calendar year. There is no minimum acreage to participate.

Insufficient rainfall option

Insurable forage stands include:

  • Improved tillable land (hay and intensively managed pastureland) 
  • Improved pastureland (non-tillable, but improved by good farm management practices)
  • Unimproved pastureland (non-tillable and in or near its natural state).

Excess rainfall option

Insurable forage stands include hay only. Excess rainfall coverage is limited to your first cut harvest period. Pasture is not insurable under this option.

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