Production Insurance

How it works

​​​When you enrol in Production Insurance, you are guaranteed a level of production based on your yield history and the level of coverage you choose. A claim may be paid if an insured peril causes your yield to fall below your guaranteed production.

Insured perils

  • Excessive heat
  • Excessive rainfall
  • Flood
  • Freezing
  • Frost 
  • Hail
  • Insect infestation*
  • Plant disease*
  • Wildlife*
  • Wind

* Provided you follow good farm management practices.

Losses due to uninsured perils

Losses due to uninsured perils such as improper use of pesticides, third-party damage or spray drift are not covered by Production Insurance.

Yield losses caused by uninsured perils are removed from your guaranteed production before any claim is calculated.

If the final yield used for insurance claim purposes is less than your guaranteed production (adjusted for any loss due to uninsured perils), a production claim may be paid on the difference. If the final yield is equal to or greater than your guaranteed production (after adjustment for uninsured perils), no production claim is payable.

Calculating your coverage and claims

Your coverage depends on:

  • Your final average yield
  • Your claim price
  • Your coverage level
  • Your guaranteed production
  • Your guaranteed value

Final average yield (FAY)

An FAY is calculated and used as a benchmark to determine if your actual production is below average.

FAY for existing participants

Your FAY is based on your six most recent years of yields.

FAY for new participants

You are assigned an underwritten FAY for the first five years of production based on a variety of factors such as location, available production records, age of planting, soil type, etc.

Each year that you participate in the plan, your actual yield replaces an underwritten yield until your FAY is composed entirely of your own yields.

Reporting Intended Acres

At the time of underwriting you must provide Agricorp with your intended acres and planting date for all strawberries including crop not yet planted but expected to be harvested in the crop year.

Upon completion of planting, an Agricorp adjuster will visit your farm to validate your acreage and plant stand for insurance purposes. Any difference between your intended acres and the accepted final planted acres will be adjusted on your Strawberry Crop Underwriting Report. Any premium difference this may generate will either be refunded or collected.

Reporting yields

You are expected to keep accurate yield records, which Agricorp adjusters use to collect your yields in July and October each year.

It is important to keep daily picking records for accurate yield reporting. Agricorp will accept harvested yield as part of your declared yield beyond the coverage period date, however any damage caused by insured perils after this date is not insurable.

Claim price

When you apply or renew, you select a claim price, which determines your guaranteed value.

  • Fresh claim price option – your fresh production is valued at the fresh claim price and your processing production is valued at the processing claim price.
  • Processing claim price option – both your processing and fresh production are valued at the processing claim price.

Coverage level

When you apply or renew each year, you choose one coverage level. It determines your guaranteed production.

Coverage period

Coverage for insured perils begins in the fall and ends when harvest is complete or the coverage period date is reached, whichever comes first.

Coverage dates vary by area, depending on when you crop was planted, the available crop heat units and other specific geographical characteristics. Please refer to the strawberry coverage Production Insurance document to verify the geographical area for your farm. If you are unsure of your coverage period date, contact Agricorp.

Guaranteed production

Guaranteed production is determined by multiplying your FAY by your selected coverage level. This number is used to calculate your guaranteed value.

Guaranteed value

Guaranteed value converts your guaranteed production into a dollar amount so your premium can be calculated and any production claims can be paid.

Your guaranteed value is determined by multiplying your guaranteed production by your selected claim price.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada