Risk Management Program
Grains and oilseeds

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The Risk Management Program complements AgriStability and Production Insurance. AgriStability was designed to stabilize whole farm income, and Production Insurance was created to mitigate production lo​​​ss.


The Risk Management Program (RMP) and AgriStability work together to create an effective risk management program for Ontario grain and oilseed producers.

Each program addresses different risks.

  • RMP helps producers offset losses caused by low market prices
  • AgriStability protects you from large declines in your farming income caused by production loss, increased costs or market conditions

​By participating in both programs, you take full advantage of the protection​ available from government risk management programs. You could receive an AgriStability benefit and an RMP payment in a given year.

​​Production Insurance

​Production Insurance​ protects specifically against yield reductions caused by adverse weather or other insured perils. Participation in Production Insurance is a requirement for RMP.

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