Risk Management Program
Grains and oilseeds

Sign up/Renew

​​​​New partic​​ipants

If you are new to RMP: Grains and Oilseeds, you need to submit an application to Agricorp.

For greater convenience and timely processing, submit your completed application form online. If you are not applying online, contact Agricorp and request an application. Paper applications can be submitted by mail or fax. Please only submit your application once. If you are applying online, signatures are not required.

You can apply as a sole proprietor, unincorporated association, corporation, trust, cooperative, communal organization, partnership, limited partnership or estate. 

For partnerships and limited partnerships, you should submit only one application, signed by all partners.

Existing parti​cipants

If you already participate in RMP: Grains and Oilseeds, you will receive a renewal package. 

When you receive your renewal package, review coverage levels and ensure all your eligible crops are included. 

You can make changes by calling Agricorp. 

Continuous​​ participation​

Participation must be continuous. If after a full year of participation you cancel, you will be ineligible for enrolling again for the current year plus the next two years. 

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