Risk Management Program


2024 Sheep premium rates
Sheep category Unit Coverage level
80% 90% 95% 100%
Sheep $/lb. 0.0415 0.0656 0.0777 0.0898

The minimum annual premium is $25.

Premium =
premium rate x total eligible weight gain for enrolled

Paymen​​t rates

Payment rates are based on the difference between the support level and the average marke​​t price for the payment calculation period.

Su​​pport lev​els

The support level is based on the target price multiplied by your chosen coverage level. The cost of production is calculated by OMAFRA, based on the sum of livestock purchase costs, feed costs and yardage.

For lambs, RMP support levels are calculated prior to the program year and remain constant for the program year.

Market p​​rices

Market prices for each livestock category are collected and calculated by OMAFRA.

For lambs, market prices are calculated weekly and averaged for each payment period.


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